Major Achivements

S.No. Month Achievements
1 March
  1. As against this the revised disinvestment target of Rs. 45,500 crore for 2016-17, the Government realized a total amount of Rs 46,247 crore, comprising Rs.35,468 crore from CPSEs disinvestment and Rs. 10,779 crore from strategic disinvestment and income from management of SUUTIs investment. A total number of 16 transactions were undertaken during 2016-17 vis-a-vis average no. of 4 transactions per year (4.2) for the period between 2009-10 to 2013-14 (5 years). Allocation of shares to CPSEs employees through employees-OFS issues amounted to Rs. 530 crore.
  2. Realization of Rs. 8500 crore through CPSE-ETF during 2016-17 accounts for 24 per cent of CPSEs disinvestment receipts and 18.4 per cent of the total realisation (including strategic) during the year. Building on success of Further Fund Offer (FFO-I), the CPSE-ETF FFO-II was launched from 14th March, 2017 with the offer got oversubscribed by approx. 4 times. An amount of Rs. 2499 crore has been received through this offer. An additional amount of Rs. 1000 crore has also been received as income from management of SUUTIs investment on 29.03.2017.
  3. As approved earlier by the Alternative Mechanism (AM), the Government participated in the buyback offers of National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. (NHPC Ltd.) and Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd. (NLC) during the month and realized Rs. 1948.52 crore and Rs. 1429.38 crore respectively through these transactions.
  • Current Year 2016-17 Target and Achievement so far

    Sl.No. Financial Year Target (In Rs. Crore) Achievement (In Rs. Crore)
    1. 2016-17 56,500.00 (including Rs. 36,000 crore as disinvestment of CPSEs and Rs. 20,500 crore from strategic disinvestment). 46,246.58 (As on 29.03.2017)

    Last 5 years Targets and Achievements

    Sl.No. Financial Year Target (In Rs. Crore) Achievement (In Rs. Crore)
    1. 2011-12 40,000.00 13,894
    2. 2012-13 30,000.00 23,957
    3. 2013-14 40,000.00 15,819
    4. 2014-15 43,425.00 24,349
    5. 2015-16 41,000.00 (excluding strategic disinvestment of Rs. 28,500 crore) 23,997*

    * An additional amount of approx. Rs. 8,152 crore has also been realised through sale of bonus debentures of NTPC to EPFO.

    Budget Announcements and implementation status

    Sl.No. Para No. Text of Announcement Status of Implementation
    1. 88 A new Policy for management of Government investment in Public Sector Enterprises, including disinvestment and strategic sale has been approved. We have to leverage the assets of CPSEs for generation of resources for investment in new projects. We will encourage CPSEs to divest individual assets like land, manufacturing units, etc. to release their asset value for making investment in new projects. The NITI Aayog will identify the CPSEs for strategic sale. (i) Detailed instructions/circulars on the procedure and mechanism for strategic disinvestment have been issued on 29th February, 2016 to all Ministries/Departments concerned, including NITI Aayog.

    (ii) Based on the NITI Aayog's report, CCEA in its meeting held on 27th October, 2016, has approved, 'in-principle' the proposal for strategic disinvestment of CPSEs.
    2. 89 We will adopt a comprehensive approach for efficient management of Government investment in CPSEs by addressing issues such as capital restructuring, dividend, bonus shares, etc. The Department of Disinvestment is being re-named as the “Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM)”. (i) The Department has been renamed as Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) in line with focus of the Government on management of its investment in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) for accelerating economic development as well as augmenting Government resources for higher expenditure.

    (ii) To ensure efficient management of GoI's investment in CPSEs, the Guidelines on "Capital Restructuring of CPSEs" have been issued on 27th May, 2016 which supersede all previously issued guidelines by various Ministries/Departments.