Work Allocation

Work Allocation among Joint Secretaries
Name Designation All Matters relating to Disinvestment, listing of stocks,
including audit and Court cases, relating to CPSEs under
Ministry/ Deptt of :
Other Responsibilities
Dr. Dheeraj Bhatnagar Joint Secretary
  • Petroleum & Natural Gas(excluding downstream CPSEs)
  • Mines
  • Consumer Affairs, Food & Public distribution
  • Coal
  • Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
  • Atomic Energy
  • Space
  • Science & Technology
  • Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Industries
  • Co-ordination in respect of Buyback of shares
  Dir (HK) US (RP)
Shri Manish Singh Joint Secretary
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Aviation
  • Petroleum & Natural Gas(Only downstream CPSEs)
  • Water Resources
  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Tourism
  • Social Justice & Empowerment
  • Development of NER
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Commerce & Industry
  • Houshing & Urban Poverty Alleviation
  • Finance

I. All the work relating to policy for strategic disinvestment .

II. All Matters relating to:

- CCEA papers & follow up  
- Disinvestment Commission(Residual matters)  
- Investment Commission  
- National Investment Fund  

III. Chief Vigilance Officer


Shri Ravi Agrawal Joint Secretary
  • Defence
  • Steel
  • Power(Including NHPC)
  • Health & Family Welfare
  • Shipping
Co-ordination in respect of disinvestment through Offer for Sale DS(SJ) US (DC) , US(PR) , DD(MS)
Shri Ravi Agrawal Joint Secretary(Admn.)
  • General Administration
  • Establishment
  • Parlimentary matters relating to distribution of parliment questions.
  • Standing Committee matters
  • Consultative Committee,etc.
  • R & I
  • Budget (DDG)
  • Internal Audit
  • Cash
  • Hindi section
  • NIC


II. Coordination for PRAGATI

III. Appellate Authority for RTI

IV. Grievance Officer for DIPAM

Dr.Bhushan Kumar Sinha Economic Adviser

I. All matters relating to :

- Policy
- Results Framework Document(RFD)  
- Annual Report  
- Outcome Budget
- Monthly Report to Cabinet Secretary/ E-Samiksha

II. Handling of data relating to both disinvestment specific and disinvestment policy etc.

III. Disinvestment related macro issues.

IV. Coordination within and Outside the Department relating to Parliament Questions and Other matters

V. Nodal Officer for :

  - e-governance
  - IT  
  - DIPAM Website  
  - Ipv6 policy implementation  

VI. All Policy issues related to capital market, SEBI, DEA & other Department of Finance Ministry.

VII. Committee on Investment Management. 

VIII. Guidelines on Capital Restructuring of CPSEs, examination and placing of proposals for exemption from these Guidelines before the CMGIC and
finalizing the Guidelines on Investment of Surplus Funds of CPSEs through CMGIC.

Shri Venudhar Reddy Nukala Joint Secretary
  • Railway
  • Information & Broadcasting
  • Urban Development
  • New & Renewable Energy
  • HRD
  • Environment & Forests

I. Special National Investment Fund

II. All matters relating to Media Policy relating to disinvestment

III. Co-ordination in respect of Listing of CPSEs

The work of Administration Division will be looked after by JS(RA) as additional charge till further orders.
S.No. Name and Designation Link Officer
1. Ravi Agrawal, Joint Secretary Venudhar Reddy Nukala, Joint Secretary
2. Dr. Dheeraj Bhatnagar, Joint Secretary Ravi Agrawal, Joint Secretary
3. Venudhar Reddy Nukala, Joint Secretary Manish Singh, Joint Secretary
4. Manish Singh, Joint Secretary Dr. Dheeraj Bhatnagar, Joint Secretary
5. Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sinha, Economic Adviser Dr. Dheeraj Bhatnagar, Joint Secretary
6. Ravi Agrawal, Joint Secretary(Admn.) Dr. Bhushan Kumar Sinha, Economic Adviser
7. G.U.Ahmed, Director Sushma Jain, Deputy Secretary
8. Sushma Jain, Deputy Secretary G.U.Ahmed, Director
9. Harish kumar, Director Sushma Jain, Deputy Secretary
10. Sushma Jain, Deputy Secretary Neera Sharma, Deputy Secretary
11. G. Parthasarathi, Deputy Secretary Harish kumar, Director
12. Neera Sharma, Deputy Secretary (Admn) G. Parthasarathi, Deputy Secretary
13. Rajesh Kant, Under Secretary Debranjan Chattopadhyay, Under Secretary
14. Aseem Kumar Jha, Under Secretary M.M. Dawla, Under Secretary
15. M.M. Dawla, Under Secretary Aseem Kumar Jha, Under Secretary
16. Raj Pal, Under Secretary Priya Ranjan, Under Secretary
17. Priya Ranjan, Under Secretary Raj Pal, Under Secretary
18. Debranjan Chattopadhyay, Under Secretary Mudit Saxena, Deputy Director
19. Mudit Saxena, Deputy Director Debranjan Chattopadhyay, Under Secretary
20. L.R Pradhan, Under Secretary Narendra Singh, Under Secretary
21. Narendra Singh, Under Secretary Priya Ranjan, Under Secretary