Major Achivements

S.No. Month Achievements
1 February, 2020
  1. Completed Transaction: (i) CPSE - ETF (FFO 6): Government of India realized an amount of Rs. 16,499.99 crore towards the proceeds on 03.02.2020.(ii) RITES Ltd.: Disinvestment of paid up equity capital in RITES Ltd. through OFS was successfully completed on 26th - 27th February, 2020. (iii) Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd. (SPMCIL): SPMCIL buyback of shares offer opened for subscription on 05.02.2020 and closed on 21.02.2020. GoI has received Rs. 293.45 crore approx. from SPMCIL Buyback.
  2. Important meetings/Policy decisions: (i) Asset Monetization: Two consultancy firms M/s KPMG and M/s JLL Property were appointed as consultancy firms for Asset Monetization of BPCL and B&R respectively.
  3. Progress of on-going transactions: A. IPO/FPO: (i) Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd. (TCIL): The Inter-Ministerial Group (IMG) in its meeting held on 17.02.2020 approved the RFP for engaging Advertisement Agency and Registrar for TCIL IPO. B.Strategic Disinvestment: (i) Air India: Air India Expression of Interest (EoI) is notified and last date of submission of EoI is scheduled on 17.03.2020. (ii) Central Electronics Limited (CEL): The Expression of Interest (EoI) was published on 03.02.2020. Last date of submission of EoI is 16.03.2020. (iii) Ferro Scrap Nigam Limited (FSNL): Request for Proposals (RFPs) for Transaction Adviser (TA), Legal Adviser (LA) & Asset Valuer (AV) have been floated by MSTC. Last date of submission of EoI was 30.01.2020 which was extended upto 28.02.2020. (iv) Nilachal Ispat Nigam Limited(NINL): Meeting of the Inter-ministerial Group (IMG) was held on 17.02.2020 and has selected M/s SBI Capital Markets Ltd. as Transaction Advisor (TA), M/s L&L Partners as Legal Advisor (LA) and M/s Adroit Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. as the Asset Valuer (AV) in respect of strategic disinvestment of NINL.
  4. Road shows: (i) International Road shows for promoting the proposed disinvestment in Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) were held on 19th - 20th February, 2020 in New York, 21st February, 2020 in Boston and 24th-25th February in London.
  • Current Year 2019-20 Target and Achievement

    Sl.No. Financial Year Target (In Rs. Crore) Achievement (In Rs. Crore)
    1. 2019-20 1,05,000 34,845.06

    Last 8 years Targets and Achievements

    Sl.No. Financial Year Target (In Rs. Crore) Achievement (In Rs. Crore)
    1. 2011-12 40,000.00 13,894
    2. 2012-13 30,000.00 23,957
    3. 2013-14 40,000.00 15,819
    4. 2014-15 43,425.00 24,349
    5. 2015-16 41,000.00 (excluding strategic disinvestment of Rs. 28,500 crore) 23,997
    6. 2016-17 56,500 (including Rs. 36,000 crore as disinvestment of CPSEs and Rs. 20,500 crore from strategic disinvestment) 46,246.58 (including Rs. 35,467.87 crore from disinvestment of CPSEs and Rs. 10,778.71 crore from disinvestment of strategic holdings and income from management of SUUTI investment)
    7. 2017-18 1,00,000 1,00,056.91
    8. 2018-19 80,000 84,972.16